Restart Your Business Today with a New Thought

Restart Your Business Today with a New Thought

Be Smart - Restart Your Business Today

Have you ever had one of those days at your job when you’ve been productive, but you got stuck on an issue that was so frustrating you forget about all the good work you’d done for the day? I’ve been there many times. What do you do? Get stressed out, anxious, frustrated or do you set it aside to deal with the next day? Sometimes it’s good to have some space away so you can come back and get a new perspective.

It’s good to be open-minded about a new thought, idea or perspective. For many of us, this does not come naturally. I know it doesn’t for me. It can take work to make a difficult or negative situation turn around to be a positive opportunity. When you work for yourself like I do, it can be a head game you play. With business sometimes you have to set aside the emotional and just focus on it logically, strictly looking at it from a business perspective.

The value we place on ourselves is very important. Where do you find your value and importance? Is it from yourself, your job, clients, family, friendships, material things or from above? It is good to re-evaluate this on a daily basis and even find someone you trust to mentor you regularly. Reading a positive book is a good choice for helping refocus your mind as well.

What is your attitude as you approach your job, your clients or customers? I always come back to following the Golden Rule, treat others as you would want them to treat you. It’s about making them feel special, important, and valuing them. When we get out of ourselves and think about them, that’s when the magic happens. The less we dwell on ourselves, the more we can focus on serving a need. We can be more productive when serving others. In return this has an enormous benefit for us. I always say that when you help enough people get what they want, then you’ll get what you want.

What is your new thought going to be today to make you the most productive you that you can be? How will you bless someone today?

Kara Hooper
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